Hello! Thank you for your willingness to (anonymously) illuminate a personal experience you have faced as a Black, Indigenous and/or person of color at [insert predominately white institution]. We hope to actively provide food for thought to emphasize that we are not alone in our experiences. Additionally, our white peers can have the opportunity to actually listen to the voices that they often take for granted. Be reminded that IT IS NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO TEACH ANYONE. Vent as you wish. For whatever reason you wish. This is for you. Our unique voices must be loud and always respected in our collective pursuit for racial justice.

Please refrain from using names, or any other easily identifiable nouns on behalf of your safety. But do your best to be clear. Also, refrain from SPECULATING; please cite a personal experience. Your submission will be posted on our Instagram @dearpwi Please be considerate of word count. We look forward to your responses.
Name of predominately white institution you attend (open to pre-grad, undergrad, post-grad) *
What is an incident that you have faced as a person of color at your school that you would like to share?* (about 250 words) Feel free to DM screenshots/photographs/videos that corroborate your story. *Please note that your submission may be lightly revised for the sake of clarity. *
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