2019 Registration
Welcome to our online registration for Elmhurst Little League 2019! The purpose of this form is to help streamline the registration process. All personal information is completely confidential. Please make sure the email address you provide is one that you use regularly. Important information will be posted on our website and Facebook and will also be emailed to you. We're looking forward to an amazing season with your amazing kids!
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For each registered player 4 hours of concession work is required by a parent or guardian. A buyout of $50 per registered child is an option available that will require payment on your registration invoice. If you choose to work the concession hours you will be emailed a separate form to complete. (Buyout will also include exemption of participation in Johnny Appleseed fundraiser) *
At times throughout the season ELL may be asked by local news outlets for photo and/or video of league play. We as a league may also like to use some of this media for promotional purposes on Facebook or our website. Please check below your preference for your player: *
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Next Steps
There are a few more pieces of information that you will be required to provide in order to complete your player's registration.
1 - Player birth certificate. You are welcome to email a copy of this to elmhurstlittleleaguefw@gmail.com Otherwise you will want to bring it with you to in person registration
2 - Proof of residency. You will need to bring with you to in person registration 3 things that show your proof of residency. Acceptable forms are are listed in the table below. Or you can have a school enrollment form filled out and emailed to us. You can find that form here: http://www.littleleague.org/assets/forms_pubs/School-Enrollment-Form.pdf
If you use gmail you can upload a photo of your players birth certificate here:
Medical Release
A filled out and signed copy of this form is required to be on file for your player. It can be found here: http://elmhurstlittleleaguefw.com/parent-links/medical-release/
You may bring it to in person registration or email the completed form to elmhurstlittleleaguefw@gmail.com
The table below outlines player fees for 2019. You will be invoiced the appropriate amount to the email you've provided. You may choose to pay electronically via the link provided on your invoice. Cash or checks will be handled in person at tryouts.
League and Parent Pact
Elmhurst Little League exists to help your child become the best version of themselves! This section is to help outline some expectations we have of parents and some goals we strive for as a league:
1- Positivity. We strive to create a positive atmosphere for your child to learn in. Make it a point to encourage players, coaches, umps, and volunteers. Calls won't always go your way and mistakes will be made. Players will have frustrating games and weather conditions won't always be optimal. Make it a point to create a positive culture and watch your kids flourish!
2 - Competitive Spirit. Little League is often one of most kids first forays into team sports. We are committed to teaching your child to have an appropriate competitive spirit. Some of the lessons your kids learn at this stage will help form habits they will use the rest of their lives. Good sportsmanship is an enormous part of the competitive spirit we want to instill in your child! Parents have the biggest impact on how their kids receive these ideas!
3 - Fun! It's a game. These are kids. Let's play ball and have some fun!
Contact Us!
If you have any questions about Elmhurst Little League or the registration process we have many ways available to contact us:
Email: elmhurstlittleleaguefw@gmail.com
Phone/Text: 260-267-0685
Website: www.elmhurstlittleleaguefw.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElmhurstLittleLeague/
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