Montessori HyFlex (HSC@home) Selection
Please use this form to select the weeks you would like to have your child completing HyFlex (HSC@home).

šš”š‘ššŽš’š„ š’š“š€š“š„šŒš„šš“: š“š”šž š¢š§šŸšØš«š¦ššš­š¢šØš§ š›šžš„šØš° š¢š¬ š­šØ š©š«šØšÆš¢ššž š­š”šž š¬š­š®ššžš§š­(š¬)/š©ššš«šžš§š­(š¬)/š š®ššš«šš¢ššš§(š¬) š°š¢š­š” š©ššš«ššš¦šžš­šžš«š¬ š­šØ šœš”ššš§š šž š­š”šž š¬š­š®ššžš§š­'š¬ š„šžššš«š§š¢š§š  š¦šØšššš„š¢š­š² š­šØ š‡š²š…š„šžš± (š‡š’š‚@š”šØš¦šž).

If you have any further questions or concerns, please email Emilie Ruel, Montessori Administrative Assistant,
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HyFlex Learning Agreement
šŒšØš§š­šžš¬š¬šØš«š¢ š‡š²šŸš„šžš± š‹šžššš«š§š¢š§š  š€š š«šžšžš¦šžš§š­ -
I have read and agree to the Hyflex Learning Agreement for my child's school. *
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I choose the following day to begin my child's two week block to participate in HyFlex (HSC@home): *
(Our protocol is for parents to notify the school if their child will be participating in HyFlex (HSC@home) by Friday at noon for the following week)
Please review the Online Meeting Norms:
My child has read and understands HSC's Online Meeting Norms. *
By submitting this form, I understand that my child is required to commit to the conditions outlined in the school's Hyflex Learning Agreement. *
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