2019 USAFL Nationals UMPIRING Signups
[Note: You can sign up for the umpire clinic on the next page even if you aren't planning to umpire at the tournament.]

For 2019 the USAFL National Tournament returns to the site of the largest (and most popular) national tournament in USAFL history: Sarasota, FL. The amazingly well kept fields of Premier Sports Campus will once again be awash in Footy the weekend of October 11-13. The League has provided the following link for all things 2019 USAFL Nationals: http://usafl.com/nationals/2019.

Some notes of particular interest to umpires:

IF YOU HAVE questions or concerns regarding umpiring at Nationals you can contact the Tournament Umpire Director at usaflua.tournamentdirector@gmail.com

IF YOU HAVE changes or corrections to your information, just re-complete this form. Be complete each time you fill out the form. We use only your latest submission.

YOU MUST be a member of the Umpires Association to be paid for working USAFL tournaments. The membership link for 2019 is on the UA website (www.usaflua.org) front page, right-hand side.

UMPIRES ARE EXEMPT from the League requirement that teams stay at the league's partner hotels. You can stay anywhere you like. This year we're looking at getting an AirBnB thing going to help umpires reduce lodging costs, possibly as much as 50% - 75%. Tell us if this interests you (see question below) and we'll contact you directly as we determine how this will happen.

WE'VE HAD quite a few new umpires from the regional tournaments this year. We've only got a few Aussie guest umpires attending (the umpiring confab between AFL and NFL is pushed back so their mob of umpires will not be in-country for our tournament) . We expect a strong team turnout since we're back in Florida. There are many umpires working towards their accreditation this summer - the coaches will be busy with coaching/observation and not working games. This means we need you to strap on the boots and grab a whistle one more time for 2019.
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