Geas Member Experience Survey
The Geas Committee wants to listen to the experiences of the wider membership, and any feedback that attendees at our events may have. We want to hear about things at Geas which you think are going well, as well as things that you feel we could improve. This survey is anonymous.

This survey is in four parts:
Part I is about equal opportunities monitoring
Part II is about your experience at Geas
Part III is about your experience at Conpulsion
Part IV is about equal participation

How we will be collecting this information?
The survey is an anonymous form on Google Drive for you to fill in. All responses will not have any names or identifying information attached to them. They will be timestamped upon submission. The raw data from the survey responses will be stored on an encrypted cloud that will be accessible to the President and Equality and Wellbeing Officer. This data will be archived for up to three years after the completion of the tenure of the current Geas Committee, to enable future committees to act on the results.

What we will do with this information?
The Equality and Wellbeing Officer will draft a report on the results of the survey for the Committee. This report will be shared with the Geas and Conpulsion committees as well as the wider Geas membership at a future General Meeting. We will also share the survey results with external bodies and facilitators whom we may invite to run events or workshops for us on this matter (e.g. Engender, The Empower Project, YWCA, et cetera).

As this survey is anonymous, any issues raised here will not be considered a formal grievance. If you wish to submit a complaint, please refer to the Geas Complaints Procedure. Although entries in the survey will not actionable as a formal complaint, data collected in this survey will provide the context within which the Committee will implement measures and policies for the wellbeing of the Society’s membership.

If you have any queries or concerns, please feel free to contact the Equality and Wellbeing Officer at

Disclaimer: Only share what you are comfortable with. We appreciate that sometimes, people’s experience might be difficult and distressing. Please know that you are not obliged to share anything you don’t want to, and we want you to consider your safety first and foremost while filling out this survey.

By continuing submission, you are consenting to us collecting and using this data as above.
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