AMP Spring '21 - Modern Musician program
Use this form to sign up for AMP's Spring 2020 rock band program — the Modern Musician program. The Modern Musician program runs from January 25 - April 23, 2020. Students need to register in advance online using this form.

Audition tapes and recordings are due by 11:59pm on Wednesday, January 20. Please email them (or links to them) to Follow-up audition interviews will be scheduled on Jan 23-24.
January 25 — April 23, 2020:

· 11 weeks of scheduled 1 all-program meeting and 1 band Recording Session (2 weekly meetings)
· No meetings during the weeks of Spring Break (March 29-April 9)

Our weekly all-program meeting is Tuesdays @ 6:00-7:00pm on Zoom. Your weekly band meeting will be scheduled between your band and your band coach once you all get together for the first time.

The Spring 2021 session will culminate in a virtual showcase of the songs and videos you make over the next few weeks! The AMPy's will air April 23rd, 2021.

We work hard to ensure that everyone who wants to be able to participate in our AMP Spring experience is able to. However, acceptance into the program is dependent on a variety of factors, including your audition assessment.

Participation in AMP Spring requires the use of multiple different free softwares. For communication, we use email and a free messaging app called WhatsApp. Most AMP session info is distributed to both guardians and students this way, and that is the official way for bands to keep in touch during the session. WhatsApp is cross-platform, so it works on all phones, and all chats created by AMP are monitored by band coaches and AMP staff. If students do not have access to a personal telephone or a computer, please mark that at the end of this form.
Email your audition to by Wed, Jan 20 at 11:59pm

- 1 audio recording of something you've made (does not have to be professional / produced)

- 1 video of a live performance of some kind

The audition requirements are loose on purpose - please submit whatever you think would be best, in whatever format you think would be best. AMP programming is open to all qualified young musicians in the Coachella Valley between 11-18 years old. Acceptances are dependent upon the results of a live audition, the current capacity of the program, and your availability.
Participation in the AMP Spring sessions usually costs a reduced $400, but from the help of our community sponsors, we are able to offer this program for an affordable $325 per student. If you need further assistance, there is partial Tuition Assistance available.

Payment for the Fall session is due by Feb 1, or can be set up as a recurring monthly payment for three months. A special thanks to all of our generous donors and sponsors who allow us to subsidize much of our tuition costs and to offer this session to families at an affordable price.

If you are applying for Tuition Assistance, please fill out the online form at the address below. AMP requires that students and/or guardians receiving Tuition Assistance sign up with AMP's Volunteer Program and volunteer with AMP no less than 2 times during the Spring session. Please visit our volunteer page below to sign up.


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