Cal High Marching Band & Color Guard Leadership Application for Fall 2021 Season
Please fill out the following information and respond to the short answer prompts. Short answer essays should be written using complete sentences and be 1-2 paragraphs in length. Submit this application by Sunday, June 6. Those interested in auditioning for Drum Major, please email Mr. Cerna at or see him after school for audition requirements.
Full Name (First and Last): *
Best email to reach you at: *
Best phone number to reach you at:
What class will you be in this upcoming school year? *
Which section are you a part of? *
Please choose the position you are applying for *
Why do you want to be on the Band Leadership Team? What skills and strengths will you bring to our team? *
Please describe a meaningful experience in a Performing Arts or in an Academic setting that demonstrates your leadership qualities. *
You notice that a member of your section is constantly talking and distracting their peers during marching rehearsal. As a leader, how would you respond to this situation? *
What is your favorite band memory? *
I understand that if selected for the Band Leadership Team, I am expected to attend Leadership clinics the weekend before Band Camp. (specific dates and times will be emailed to you.) *
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