Project Pyramid - Vanderbilt University - Partner Organizational Overview
The purpose of this document is to gain more information about your organization and assess fit with a Project Pyramid consulting group this spring
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Name of Organization
Description of organization, including industry, products/services, and other relevant information
Years in business
Number of employees (Please delineate full-time and part-time)
Number of locations
Annual revenue/budget (USD) (Please include years 2015, 2016, 2017)
Short-term business goals (1-2 years)
Long-term business goals (3-5 years)
Organization address
Organization phone number
Main project contact (Please include name, title, email, phone number, and brief description of why this employee is best suited to work with Project Pyramid students)
Can you host students at your organization from March 2-10th? (Hosting students on these dates are a requirement for engagement with Project Pyramid. If your organization is unable to accommodate during this time, Vanderbilt Turner Family Center offers other ways to engage and receive pro bono consultation. Descriptions of such can be found at
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What is the ideal number of students to consult for your organization?
What is the ideal time you would like students to consult for your organization?
In what city/region would this project be located?
If this is an international project, what international airport would students fly in and out of? How far is this airport from project location?
Where would students be working on the project? (Examples: company office, manufacturing plant, hospital, farm, etc)
Do students need to speak the local language to engage with your organization?
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What are the chances of key employee turnover, realignment, or large internal changes in the next eight months?
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