Wyo IDSC - Good Faith Collaborative Agreement
We are requesting you to fill out this form because the Wyoming INBRE Data Science Core has initiated a research collaboration with you. This arrangement will hopefully ensure that all involved parties operate in good faith, and that credit and acknowledgements are given when any products result from this collaboration. Only principal investigators are requested to fill out this form.

Why do we need this agreement?

Staff scientists that work for the Data Science Core are trained professionals with substantial experience and expertise in genomics and other forms of data analysis. A significant proportion of their appointment is reserved for collaborative work such as the one with you. The timely dissemination of peer-reviewed products from collaborations is crucial not just for their professional development, but even more importantly, for the future competitiveness of the Wyoming INBRE program. This agreement has been instituted primarily to underscore these facts and to establish basic good-faith expectations.

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Your full name, department and institution *
List all personnel from your research group who are involved in this collaboration
Brief description of the research project *
What are the typical venues for dissemination of results in your field? List potential journals and conferences. *
The aforementioned principal investigator(s) and the Data Science Core have agreed to participate in collaborative research as discussed here. It is understood that all parties will benefit from the products of this collaboration. Conversely, unnecessary delays and/or long-term shelving of the project will constitute a setback for the research group and may be deemed an  inefficient use of resources on part of the WY-IDSC that can negatively impact the future funding success of the core and INBRE program. All parties therefore agree to operate in good faith in order to bring this collaborative research project to fruition in the form of peer-review publications, conference presentations, grant proposals, and any other dissemination avenues available. The IDSC implicitly agrees to this arrangement. *
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