2018 Health Education Media Making Yearly (HEMMY) Awards
Use the following form to submit or nominate a person/organization for a 2018 HEMMY Award. The deadline for submissions will be 5:00 PM on Friday August 31, 2018. All pieces of the application must be to the AzPHA office by close of business. Only nominations submitted through this online form will be reviewed. No refunds will be given for incomplete submissions.
Questions? Email willhumble@azpha.org
Definition of Health Education Materials
Only material(s) developed for the primary purpose of educating a target audience on (a) health issue(s) will be considered health education materials. Materials that primarily promote the services of a business will not be considered health education materials.
Any health education or patient education material produced in Arizona by an Arizona resident(s) during August 2016 –August 2017 is eligible for a HEMMY award. No item may be entered in more than one category.

If the same materials have been submitted for a nomination in a previous year the submitted forfeits a refund and the materials will not be reviewed. The materials must be newly created each year for submission.

There will be awards for each category:
First Place: Plaque*
Second Place: Certificates*
*Only the organizations name will be on the plaque, certificates can be provided for additional staff upon request*

Winners will be recognized at our Annual Conference on Thursday, September 28, 2017. Please email an image of your submission to awards@azpha.org before 5:00 PM on Friday, August 25, 2017 as part of the application packet. If your award wins one of the 3 prizes it will be showcased during this portion.

Entry Fee
Fees are as follows for each submission:
Professional submissions: $75
Grassroots submissions: $50
Student in any category: $25

Payment can be made by calling the AzPHA office at (602) 258-3361 or making a check out to AzPHA and mailing to AzPHA 700 E Jefferson St, Suite 100. Phoenix, AZ 85034

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