Nighttime Economy Impact Survey
The coronavirus has created swift and devastating impacts to businesses in Pittsburgh. To give voice to the current conditions, losses and needs of food, beverage and entertainment businesses, the Office of Nighttime Economy asks that you complete this survey.
Also, please share the link with others in this industry that has been so instrumental to the region's economy and our residents' social well-being.
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What is your primary operation? *
Do you own or rent your building? *
As of today, is your business currently                     (select all that apply) *
What are your top 3 concerns right now? *
To weather the economic storm, what strategies have you ALREADY IMPLEMENTED and what are you CONSIDERING? (select all that apply)
Limited Hours
Reduced staff hours
Laid off/furloughed staff
Shifted to delivery/pickup operation
Applied for loans
Asked for extension of time to pay debts
Closed temporarily
Closed permanently
How long can you sustain your business WITHOUT assistance? *
In making the decision to close temporarily or permanently, have you (select all that apply) *
Prior to disruption, how many people did you employ (full- or part-time)? *
As a result of disruption, please estimate how many employee work HOURS will be lost due to layoffs, terminations or permanent closing *
Before disruption, what was average weekly revenue ? *
As a result of disruption, please estimate what percentage of business income will be lost *
Please estimate the dollar amount of unrecoverable  expenses (inventory, marketing, etc) lost to COVID-related closures and cancellations.   *
Please share your story of how this event is impacting your business or leave any other comments:
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