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This is a volunteer sign up form for the Brentwood Mutual Aid group. A self-organising community to support the most vulnerable and isolated in our community.

By filling out this form, you are adding yourself and any support/offerings that you can make to the Brentwood volunteer list. Admin will be able to see your name, telephone number and what you can offer, and are invited to reach out to you directly for support.  By signing up as a neighbourhood main point of contact, we'll be posting your first name, phone number and ward on the group.

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I have read and follow the latest the advice being given by Public Health England especially before you reach out any neighbours. www.gov.uk/coronavirus. *
I acknowledge that all actions I take are my own responsibility. I am aware this is a group formed by neighbours and are not part of a recognised body and therefore offer no insurance *
In which wards are you happy to help? *
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Please tick any options that are relevant to you - the following are in no way mandatory for volunteers, we just need to keep a record in case we get specific requests! *
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Brentwood Covid-19 Mutual Aid
This is a community group volunteering support for neighbours.

Please do not upload information on behalf of others.  Please do not upload any sensitive information.

The information captured by the Google Form will be stored and used for the legitimate purposes of the group - to connect volunteers working in the same area and to match volunteers to members of the community seeking support.

Any information gathered will be deleted when the group disbands.

To remove your data or ask any questions, please email admin@brentwood-mutual-aid.org
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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