Work Referral Application for SoCal IA Dispatchers
This form is to be used for the following:
- Registering for Local 122's work referral list FOR THE COACHELLA VALLEY DESERT (not San Diego)
- Registering for Local 614's work referral list FOR SAN BERNARDINO & RIVERSIDE AREA
- Registering for any other SoCal Local inquiring for assistance
- Updating ability, skills & certifications
- Updating personal contact information

The information that you submit on this form will be used to dispatch you into professional settings and situations.  It is very important that you answer honestly and use your discretion so that you are not sent on a job that you are not trained or qualified for.  Your reputation and credibility are important to maintain in this industry, as well as representing the IATSE and it's Locals.

We will use your answers to either dispatch you to appropriate jobs, refer you to other IA Locals when they inquire, or find/provide training in areas that are needed for you to advance.  Our goal is to provide a qualified, confident and reliable work force.

Please fill out the form in it's entirety, answering all required questions marked with a *(red asterisk) and be sure to read the information at the end.

This form is not the weekly work availability check in form.  There are separate check-in protocols for all jurisdictions/areas. 

Once you have correctly submitted this form, you will see a confirmation page pop up at the end.  If you don't see that confirmation then your form did not go through.

You will automatically receive an email after submission. You'll want to save that email as it will be full of related information that you'll more than likely be able to answer all questions you might have. 

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Local/Geographical Area you are specifically registering for: *
Last Name *
First Name *
Mailing Address *
City *
State *
Zip Code *
Cell Phone *
Alternate Phone
Email Address *
Birthday (Month/Date/Year) *
Social Security # *
Position(s)/Department(s) you are most proficient in: *
Geographically, I am willing & available to take calls in the following Locals : *
you can pick more than one choice and we may share your contact info with other local's dispatch  **NOTE that each geographical area has it's own dispatch procedure and set of dispatchers
Have you previously worked for any of the Locals listed: *
If you are a new applicant, who referred you to this link (if applicable)
Rate Your Work Ability
This is where you rate your skills and ability in particular departments/positions.  In the categories listed below, indicate how capable you would consider yourself, with one of the following:
- DEPARTMENT HEAD (advanced knowledge & skills, able to work on your own, capable of directing others)
- ASSISTANT (assistant to the department head)
- HAND (basic knowledge and skills)
- TRAINING (you wish to acquire training in this area)
- NOT INTERESTED (you have no interest in this particular department)
A/V Assistant - assist with basic setup/strike of A/V calls, know the names of fixtures, run cabling, set screens and speakers, etc *
A/V Tech - setup/operate/breakdown of basic lighting/audio/video, running a breakout room, floating breakout tech *
Advanced A/V Tech - handle multi-tech roles, more advanced equipment, broader skill-set of operating and troubleshooting *
Light Hang - hanging, circuiting, patching and gelling of lighting instruments: *
Focus - focusing of lighting instruments and working from an extended ladder or personnel lift: *
Programmer - programming and operation of computerized lighting consoles and instruments: *
Conventional Spotlight Operator - operating spotlight during show calls and familiar with cue calls: *
Truss Spotlight Operator - same as above as well as capable of climbing a cable ladder: *
Elaborate on your experience, training or certifications with ELECTRICS, including specific boards or systems that you are proficient with:
Set Up - placement and cabling of microphones and speaker systems, set up/tear down backline: *
Mixing - knowledge and operation of mixing consoles and signal processing equipment: *
Audio Consoles - if any, which of the following are you proficient in (you can pick more than choice): *
Elaborate on your experience, training or certifications with AUDIO, including specific mixers or components that you are proficient with:
Switchers - set up and operate: *
Operation - set up, cabling, programming of video projection, monitoring, processing and playback equipment: *
Camera Operator - familiar with cue calls and proficient in set up and operation of which of the following (you can pick more than choice): *
Elaborate on your experience, training or certifications with VIDEO, including specific switchers, cameras or components that you are proficient with:
High Rigger - knowledge of applicable knots, rigging methods and terminology, capable of climbing and working overhead *
If you are a rigger, do you have your own harness and rigging equipment?
Clear selection
Down Rigger - knowledge of applicable knots, rigging methods and terminology *
If you have any rigging  certifications, note them here:
Truck Loader *
Carpenter *
Flyman *
Props *
Wardrobe *
Stitcher / Sewing Skills *
Hair / Wigs *
Make-Up *
Projectionist (Film) *
Fork Lift Operator *
Scissor Lift Operator *
Other Lift Operator (enter lift type in "other") *
In the space below, describe any additional skills or knowledge of specific equipment (not covered on this form) that you feel may be relevant:
SoCal/IA Referral Application Link (this form)
You will need to resubmit this form for any of the following:
- Advancing your ability in any of the above mentioned areas of expertise
- Renewing any certifications
- Completing any training
- Updating any of your contact information to ensure we can get a hold of you
After you submit this form, you will automatically receive an email with important info that you may want to save to have on hand. You may need to check your SPAM folder since this set up is new, but if you don't receive an email,  *AFTER YOU SEARCH FOR THAT EMAIL* then inquire to 
If you have any problem filling out or submitting this form, please send an email to and we will assist you.
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