The 2017 "Bookie Awards" Nomination Form
Please join us for the 2nd annual "Bookie Awards" to celebrate outstanding literacy and educational efforts in the Charlotte area!

Promising Pages Presents: “The Bookies Awards”
A annual celebration of literacy and educational heroes in Charlotte
Friday, November 3rd at 5:30PM
4110 Old Pineville Road
Drinks and Heavy Hors D'oeuvres
$75 VIP Ticket, $35 Registered Educator ticket
$50 General Admission
(Honorees will receive a complimentary ticket.)

Purchase Tickets Here:

Nominate a deserving individual or organization today!

***Individuals who received a "Bookie Award" in 2016 are not eligible to be an honoree in that same category for 2017. Those who were honored in that category with a ribbon/recognition in our program, but did not receive an actual "Bookie" are eligible to be nominated again and win in 2017.***

At Promising Pages, we thrive on collaboration. We serve tens of thousands of children every year, either directly via our own book distribution programs or via our 30+ social service agency partners. Our revolutionary book upcycling model works to better the lives and futures of children and families in our community. Every year we collect and distribute over 100,000 donated books; however, the books themselves mean nothing if they aren’t being read. Books themselves are simply pages if they aren’t being leveraged by you, our true bookworms; people who care about our community, the families who are in it, and the children who are our future. You are the “promise in our pages.”

We invite you to nominate yourself, an individual, or organization you know for “A Bookie.” Individual and organizational nominees do not need any affiliation with Promising Pages and a relationship with us will have no bearing on the winners chosen by our independent judging panel. We simply want to celebrate the outstanding and mostly uncredited literacy and educational work being done in our community.

(*Promising Pages staff and programs do not qualify for awards.)

• Best Reading Tutor
• Best Volunteer/Advocate
• Best Literacy Teacher
• Best Principal
• Best Literacy Facilitator
• Best Literacy Program
• Best Librarian (school or public)
• Favorite Local Author
• Biggest Budding Bookworm (student or young adult)
• Educator Extraordinaire! *New Category, 2017, educators of any kind in any subject may be nominated!
• Best Educational Program *New Category, 2017, any program, any subject!

Special Awards:
• Page Turner Award- A person or org making huge and measurable literacy related strides in the Charlotte community
• The Next Chapter Award- An up and comer award for a person or organization who is just getting started
• Cover to Cover Award- The literacy lifetime achievement award for the BIGGEST BOOKWORM of them all

Rules: Self nominations are permitted. Multiple submissions for the same nominee are permitted and encouraged. Any Anonymous submissions will be discarded. Duplicate nominations by the same person will be discarded. Incomplete nominations will be discarded. All nominations must be submitted by 11:59pm on Tuesday, October 1. Please submit work sample attachment for author categories to Any organization including government agencies, businesses and nonprofits can be nominated.

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