Guest/Host Shabbos Program
Dear Members,

We invite all of you to join our Guest/Host Shabbos program for Shabbos lunch on Shabbos
Parshas Toldos, November 18th 2023 . Families that participate agree to be a guest, and some offer to be a
host. From your responses, we randomly select hosts and randomly assign two guest families to each
host. Everyone will know their role, guest or host, and with whom they will be dining a week ahead of
the Shabbaos.

We have run this program in the past to great success. We hope for strong participation.

In summary:
1. Members of the Shul decide if they wish to participate.
2. Among the participants, some would volunteer to host. One third of the participants need to
3. The rest of the families who participate are randomly assigned to hosts, two guest families to
each host family. So you do not know with whom you are dining until this random selection.
4. The program will run for Shabbos lunch on Shabbos Parshas Toldos, November 18th

We see this program as an opportunity to diversify our Shabbos experience, to promote pleasant
contact among our membership and to enhance our Synagogue social setting. It would complement the
uniqueness and the attractiveness of our Synagogue.

Please respond on the accompanying form as soon as you can, but certainly by Wednesday, November 8th.
Feel free to reach out to Jerome Kutliroff with any questions; 901 289 2362.

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