Writing “Revisité” TESOL France Workshop 23 March 2019
Date: 23 March 2019
Time: 2pm - 5pm, room B316
Venue: Telecom ParisTech
Theme: Writing “Revisité”
Speaker: Wojtek Koszykowski

Venue: Telecom ParisTech
49 rue Vergniaud
75013 Paris

8 euros for Non-Members. Please bring exact change or payment by cheque.


Title: Writing “Revisité”

Have you ever marked written homework, spent hours highlighting and correcting every mistake, reorganising the text? Then, you hand it out and the students sometimes don’t even look at the corrections. You believe that practice makes perfect, so you assign another written homework and you see the same mistakes again…
In France, teaching English writing skills in higher education is of special importance, which undoubtedly stems from the rich culture of French literature. Understandably, with the growing number of international exchange programs, where all the modules are assessed by taking written exams or submitting written assignments in English, there is a tendency to turn a four-skill EFL language instruction into a predominantly writing-focused classroom. An academic writing class might often be perceived as boring, prescriptive, long and demotivating. During this workshop, I would like to share a few practical, helpful, integrative and effective ideas how to teach writing in a dynamic and enjoyable manner, how to correct mistakes in a quick and long-lasting way and how to focus on the writing process rather than the final product.

Speaker Information:
Wojtek Koszykowski has been teaching EFL for a quarter of a century. Growing up in a multicultural and multilingual environment, he dreamt of teaching English as a child. The dream became a true passion which, together with his continuous striving for top quality education, opened doors to various reputable institutions including Wimbledon School of English (the no1 Centre of excellence from the British Council reports). Wojtek has been teaching, training teachers, creating courses, managing language departments and language schools in the UK, the USA, Poland, France, Ireland and Scandinavia. He holds BSc, MSc, MRes, Celta, Delta and has been working towards a double PhD in Education & Human Resources. His academic interests include the role of affect, creativity, technology and autonomous learning in Andragogy. Apart from EFL, he enjoys cycling along the ocean coast, watching Judge Judy and going for long walks around London.

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