Women of Worth Mentorship

This is an application to set up a 30minute to 1hr phone call with me to see if this Mentorship is a good fit for you and if your goals align with what I offer. Please only fill out this application if you are committed to making a change in your life; willing to put in the work - physically, mentally, and spiritually, - to get the results you are after, and to make an investment in yourself.

If you are ready, willing, and COMMITTED to put forth the effort to live in freedom, fill out the form below.
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If we are a good fit to work together, what changes will you make in your life right now to further reach your goals? What will you do to set yourself up for success as we go through this journey together? *
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I am looking for women who are committed to making this lifestyle change, if we were to get on a call and this were to be a ABSOLUTE YES for you, would you be willing to make the invest to hire me to help you make that change? *
Is this a financial investment you are currently able and willing to make for a 15 week spiritual, mental, and physical transformation that will last a lifetime? *
If there was a step by step program where every single week someone would be pouring into you physically, mentally, and spiritually to break through mindset barriers, find food freedom, and gain confidence not just in your body, but in Whose you are as a Woman of Worth - would you be willing to invest in yourself, despite the nerves to be a part of something that could change the trajectory of your life? *
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