Ten years of UR - A Retrospective
Dear UR Community Member,

We want to tell the UR Community's story, your story, about how the last ten years have evolved in the field of disaster risk management. Would you please take three minutes to reflect on UR, providing anecdotes, thoughts, feedback?

Selected entries will be featured at UR2020 for a Ten-Year Retrospective.

Please feel free to answer any of the questions below, or provide different information than the questions we have asked. Anything goes if you're speaking about UR.
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How has UR helped you better understand risk and support disaster risk management and reduction work?
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What advances in risk assessment/identification have you seen in the last ten years?
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What partnerships have resulted from UR? (The more detail the better)
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What is the best part of UR?
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What is the part you would most like to change?
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What else do you want to tell us about this community?
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If you have any videos, pictures, data or other documents you want to share with us, please either put url links here or email it to us at ur_info@understandrisk.org
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Which UR events have you attended / plan to attend?
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