Solution to Underarm Sweat Stains
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The objective of this survey is to learn more about your general experience and feelings with regard to underarm sweat stains and odor in order to create a real solution to this problem.

Perspiring/Sweating is natural. The intent is not to develop a solution that prevents perspiring/sweating but a solution to sweat stains that create discomfort, both physically and socially.

This survey is anonymous. You can enter your email address if you wish to follow developments of this project.
You are:
Your age range:
Where do you leave?
What does your daily activity look like?
What feelings does the word "perspiration" arouse in you?
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Except during sport/exercise, you have underarm sweat stains :
In which circumstances do you experience sweat stains? (multiple choice)
What feelings does the words "underarm sweat stains" arouse in you?
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How much do you agree with the following statements? When I have underarm sweat stains I feel:
do not agree
totally agree
ill at ease
less professional
judged / shunned
I often wash my tops/dresses only because of underarm sweat stains / odor
I mostly buy clothes that are sweat stain resistant
I often bring my clothes for dry cleaning only because of underarm sweat stains / odor
Except for special occasions, I only buy machine washable clothes, otherwise it would cost too much for dry cleaning.
I would like to wear some clothes directly on my skin (cashmere, silk ...) but I wear an undershirt to avoid stains on the underarms
I wish I could change clothes during the day because I have perspiration stains or body odor
Do you think there is already a real solution to perspiration stains available on the market?
If yes, specify
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What are your good tips to avoid underarm perspiration/sweat stains?
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If you would like to hear more about this project seeking a solution to underarm sweat stains, please leave your email. You will not be spammed. You will chose your level of involvement (be only informed or participate in testing etc)
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Anything else you would like to share regarding a solution to underarm sweat stains (ideas, anecdotes, experiences, support... anything is welcome :D)
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