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Please fill out and submit the following questions to the best of your knowledge. We are excited to get to know you and watch you grow in your walk with the Lord through this school. You will receive a phone call or email by someone in administration shortly after submission to walk you through the rest of the application process. By signing this document and submitting it, you are stating your commitment to a 9 MONTH teaching and training process (September 2020 - May 2021) and are responsible for the required studies as well as agreement to publication of photo and video content pertaining to promotion material for FLSM.
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Thank you for your interest in auditing a Front Line School of Ministry course. A member of the FLSM financial and administration team will be following up with you soon to confirm enrollment and payment verification. In addition to the application, please be ready to submit collectively: •$40 application processing fee. Payments can be made in cash, through VENMO ( , checks or money orders made out to Front Line School of Ministry

Checks or money orders made out to Front Line School of Ministries
Subject line "FLSM Application"
Sent to: P.O Box 1051 Burnet TX, 78611

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