Dunbar High School AVID Application
Advancement Via Individual Determination
AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is an elective class offered to students who would like to prepare for four-year universities. The curriculum features writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, reading, note-taking, study skills, and college/career/motivational activities.  College/High School students are in the classroom as tutors every week and field trips are taken to universities in the area.

Students must commit to taking Cornell-style notes in all subject-area classes.

Requirements are:
     *Satisfactory Citizenship: Be active in the school and community; as well as, maintain a good discipline record.
     *Good Attendance: Come to school on time and participate in classes.
     *Maintain GPA: Students must achieve above a 2.4 (9th Grade), 2.5 (10th Grade), 2.6 (11th Grade), 2.7 (12th Grade)
     *Maintain AVID Binder: Organizational tool that will be utilized by the student and graded by the AVID elective teacher.

If selected, you will be placed in honors or other advanced courses. This is not a remedial program; it is to guide you to excel in your academics. If selected, you are seen as having potential for achieving success in advanced courses, only needing extra guidance to ensure your success.
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