Escape the Library
Welcome to our virtual escape room!

Get ready to use your brain and think outside the box as you find clues and solve puzzles. There are many ways to participate in this activity, and it's all up to you! You may complete the escape room as an individual or work together in a group. You might even decide to compete against friends remotely and try it multiple times. If you don't make it out, you can always try again. The most important thing is to have fun!

We recommend opening the escape room in a separate web browser if you are accessing it from a social media app so that you do not lose any progress. You may want to keep a page out to type or write down notes and clues. You are also able to go back and forth between completed sections if you need to review clues you have found.

This escape room was created by Edwardsville Public Library in Edwardsville, IL.
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Image & Info Credits:
Pigpen Cipher
Crystal & Gemstones by Color
All other images used were found through Google Forms Image Search or created by EPL with Canva.

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