UJ Research Project on Special Needs Education in Gauteng schools
This research is being conducted by the Department of Educational Psychology in the Faculty of Education. This questionnaire is designed for school principals and educators to complete regarding the education of learners with special needs in Gauteng schools. The form should take about 30 minutes to complete. The Masters in Educational Psychology students are acting as field workers to facilitate gathering data. Ethical clearance to conduct the research has been obtained from the Faculty of Education Research Ethics Committee (Clearance Number: 2017-023). This project is supported through an earmarked grant allocated as part of the Teaching and Learning Development Capacity Improvement Programme (TLDCIP), a partnership between the Department of Higher Education and Training and the European Union.

Should you have any queries please contact the lead researchers: Dr Helen Dunbar-Krige helenk@uj.ac.za and Dr Jean Fourie jeanf@uj.ac.za

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What is the name and contact details of the UJ field worker who is facilitating the completion of this questionnaire?
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What type of school is this?
What best describes your role in the school?
What quintile does the school fall in?
How many teachers on the staff?
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What is the language of teaching and learning in this school?
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What are the home languages of the learners in the school?
How many years of teaching experience do you have?
What teaching qualifications do you have?
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What qualifications do you have in special needs education?
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How many years have you taught in special needs education?
What is your gender?
How would you rate your teaching competence?
Exceptionally skilled teacher
Novice teacher
How many learners in this school?
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How many learners in these ethnic groups approximately?
0 -50
more than 500
What statement best matches your sentiment?
How many learners with special needs are in the school?
more than 50
Attention difficulties
Learning problems
Intellectual impairment
Communication impairment
Autism spectrum
Physical disability
Visual deficit
Auditory impairment
Chronic health conditions
Who are the members of the School Based Support Team?
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How often does the School Based Support Team meet?
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What training have you had in the policy of 'Screening, Identification, Assessment and Support' ?
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How does the school implement the 'SIAS' policy?
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How does the school involve parents of learners with special needs?
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Describe the behavioural challenges of the special needs learners in the school.
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Give examples of intervention strategies used in the school to assist special needs learners.
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What assessment accommodations are done in this school?
all the time
Extra time for tests and exams
Writing tests and exams in a separate venue
Having a person read the tests and exams to the learner
Having a person write or scribe the answers for the learner
Typing the answers into a computer
Having the test questions recorded for the learner to listen to
What instructional interventions are implemented for learners with special needs in this school?
What other information would you like to share regarding this school and special needs learners?
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Thank you for completing this questionnaire.
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