SSA Special Course on Basic Use of LNG on Ships
Application Form for Enrollment
Course Highlights
◊ Introduction to LNG as fuel
◊ Advantages of using LNG in ship propulsion
◊ Current methods of LNG Bunkering
◊ Safety Requirements for LNG Bunkering
◊ Operational Issues when using LNG
◊ Crew Training Requirements
◊ Current Status of LNG Bunkering Hub
Who is it for
A course for office staff from shipping companies, junior and managerial staff involved in execution of using LNG as fuel, as well as for any personnel involved in LNG bunkering supply chain such as ship managers, ship owners etc.
Pricing (Inclusive of GST)
SSA Member: $428.00
SSA Non-member: $642.00
No. of Lessons
1 Day
Date of Commencement (Please Select One): *
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