Peace Starts With Me - Dec. 28 - Prudential Center - Volunteer Registration
In only a few short weeks, our True Mother will return home to America to offer her special message of hope and peace at the Prudential Center!

In the New York and New Jersey area, our pastors, family members, and close ministers are working tirelessly to reach out to Christian churches, social and ethnic groups, and to the wider public. We invite you to be a part of this great endeavor and join the excitement!

If you're local, there is a need for people who can drive and have vehicles, who can help the local teams with outreach efforts. Even if you're working on weekdays, please consider registering for weekends. There is always greater need on Sundays!

If you live farther away, please consider coming to the New York area to help with the mobilization efforts.
We are looking for about 15 to 20 people, who can come as soon as possible and stay until December 28. But if you're available only part of the time, that's okay too.

There are several ways that volunteers can help:

(a) Join local teams to witness, visit churches, and spread the word, under the guidance of the local pastors. You’ll stay at the centers or with families in New York City boroughs and New Jersey.

(b) Drive vehicles (owned or rented) to help the local community mobilization teams.

If you'd like to volunteer, please fill out the form below, tell us when you're coming, and we'll contact you with specific location, role, etc.

Looking forward to seeing you in New York!
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