【NYCU 112-1 校級博雅講座】《試管、鍵盤與筆桿》報名表 [NYCU 112-1 Liberal Arts Lecture] Registration Form for "Test Tubes, Keyboards and Pens"
◎ 演講題目:《試管、鍵盤與筆桿》
◎ 主講人:陳文盛榮譽教授(本校生命科學系暨基因體科學研究所榮譽教授、教育部國家講座終身榮譽主持人)
◎ 演講時間:2023 年 11 月 08 日(星期三)上午 10:00~12:00
◎ 演講地點:國立陽明交通大學活動中心表演廳(陽明校區)

Lecture Title: Test Tubes, Keyboards and Pens
Speaker: Emeritus Professor Carton W. Chen (Department of Life Sciences and Institute of Genomic Sciences, NYCU; National Lifetime Professorship Award, Ministry of Education)
◎ Date and Time: November 8, 2023 (Wed.) 10:00~12:00 a.m.
◎ Venue: Activity Center Auditorium, NYCU (Yang Ming Campus) 
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