Taste Study Screening Form

    Information about the study

    Thank you for your interest in the study. This study will consist of 8 sessions. Duration of the sessions is ~1h. The compensation is provided after each session. The duration of the study is 6-7 weeks. We will ask you to complete the first 4 sessions within 7-14 days; after that we will ask you to take mineral supplements for a period of 4 weeks. After 4 weeks of supplementation you will need to complete the last 4 sessions (also within 7-14 days period). During the sessions at Monell we will ask you to taste different taste compounds (food compounds) and ask about your taste and food preferences. Total compensation for your participation is $200 and is distributed as follows: the compensation for sessions #1-#4 is $15 each, the compensation for sessions #4-#8 is $20 each, upon study completion you will receive a $60 bonus.
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