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This should take you 5 minutes or less to complete and must be completed prior to first bodywork session. Please answer these questions in full and to the best of your abilities and read my policy statement at the bottom of this form. If something does not apply to you, please answer "N/A".
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Policies and Acknowledgment By Client
By submitting this form, Client agrees to receive professional massage therapy services from Alexandra Strong, CMT (therapist). Client agrees that all information on this form is accurate and complete. Client agrees to inform therapist if any of the above information changes at any time. Client agrees to inform/communicate to therapist of any changes needed for comfort throughout session. Client agrees to inform therapist any time they feel their well-being is threatened or compromised. Client understands and acknowledges that Alexandra Strong is a Massage Therapist that provides strictly professional, ethical, and non-sexual massage therapy services. Client acknowledges that any sexual behavior by the client toward the therapist or by the therapist toward the client is unethical, inappropriate and unacceptable. Sexual harassment is not tolerated. If the therapist's or client's safety feels compromised, the session will be stopped immediately. Client has read and agrees to Alexandra Strong, CMT's payment and rescheduling policy. For more information visit
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