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I'm ready to help! How does it work?
Volunteering with Dwelling Place is simple! After you fill out this form you'll receive bi-monthly invitations to volunteer opportunities via email. Then it's up to you to sign-up to help:)

Volunteer opportunities range from serving food at neighborhood events to doing yard work at properties to working hands on with residents. If you're looking to help in a specific way, let us know and we'll try to connect you to our organization in the best way possible.
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We want everyone to have the best volunteer experience. If you require accommodation, just let us know and briefly describe your need.
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Do you require personal accommodation?
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What is your volunteer experience? Specify when/where you volunteered. If you're a first time volunteer, we are so happy to have you!
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Currently, our orientations process is being re-vamped. Check out this video to get to know our organization! Then, at your first volunteer opportunity the volunteer coordinator will introduce themselves to get to know you :)

Email the volunteer coordinator with any questions.
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After submitting this form the Volunteer Coordinator will reach out to welcome you to our organization.
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