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Every system needs a controller. We have two options to choose from.
Our systems communicate primarily on the WiFi network. As an option you can choose to have cellular backup, which means if there is a power outage or your lines are cut the alarm will still call for help.
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Entrance doors are statistically the most common point of entry for burglars. That is why we want to make sure all of your doors are monitored. Our door sensors have two parts, the contact is placed on the door trim opposite the door hinges. The magnet is placed on the door and when it moves away from the contact the alarm is triggered.
How many entrance doors do you have?
Motion sensors are a great second line of defence. As soon as an intruder moves around inside your home they will be detected by the motion sensors and in turn will trigger the alarm. Usually we recommend one motion sensor on the main level and one in the basement. If you have a larger home or just want to protect more areas you can add more sensors to your system.
How many motion sensors will you need?
Windows at ground level can be a very inviting point of entry for burglars especially if they are covered by trees or shrubs. Sensors on these windows will sound the alarm if they are forced open. You will need one sensor for every window pain that opens. As a bonus your system will also let you know if you left a window open, possibly preventing water damage from unexpected rain.
How many window sensors will you need?
A glass break sensor does a great job at protecting large rooms with multiple windows. If a burglar breaks the glass to gain access to the home this sensor will detect the two sound waves created. It is mounted on the ceiling or wall and can protect any window within a 25', line of sight radius.
How many glass break sensors will you need?
Protect pets and loved ones when you're out of the house with our monitored smoke and heat detector. They pair to our security system, which means you are monitored 24/7. When one sounds they all sound, alerting everyone.
How many smoke/heat detectors will you need?
We also offer additional keypads. These can be placed at convenient locations throughout the home. Easily arm your system while leaving through the garage or basement door. They are wireless so you can move them around the home to find the ideal spot.
How many additional keypads will you need?
Keyless entry can be very convenient. You can disarm your system, trigger lights, and unlock the door with just one push of a button. Each family member can have their own keyfob to keep track of who is arming and disarming.
How many keyfobs will you need?
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