Kids in Christ's Kingdom (KICK)
KICK is for students in Kindergarten through 6th Grade.
Wednesdays after school, 3:35 to 5:45 pm.
Free Family meal 5:45 – 6:20 pm.

We are looking forward to a new year of KICK. If your child would like to participate in KICK, please fill out the registration form by Sept. 17 for each child.

We will have “KICK kick off” on Wed. Sept 20, at Bethany Church. All children are invited to join us from 3:30 – 5:45, to sign up for classes and fun activities. This will be followed by a meal served from 5:45 -6:20. This meal is for anyone; you need not be a member of either church. The purpose is to help busy families. A free will offering is collected each evening.

This year we will have different schedule than last.
Snack and devotions (3:35 - 4:10)
Choir or Bible Activities (4:10 - 4:45)
Class 1 (4:45 - 5:15)
Class 2 (5:15 - 5:45)

Homework Help will be offered again. Children will not “choose” it as a class, but will be allowed to go there on weeks that they have homework.

The following rules will be followed. Be kind, be caring; No bullying; no swearing; Take care of property and supplies. Children who choose to break these rules will have the following consequences:
1st offense - phone call home and “restorative” work at KICK. The student will write a plan to make the situation better. 2nd offense – phone call home, the parent will supervise additional “restorative” KICK work, and the student & parent will write a plan to solve the situation.
3rd offense - students will not be allowed to finish the year.

We have a “sign out” policy. We ask that all children be “signed out” after KICK. We ask that parents sign the attendance chart when picking up their youth.

Thanks to the Smoky Valley Community Foundation and the McPherson County Community Foundation for their KICK grants. These donations are greatly appreciated.

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