ELMCIP Electronic Literature Knowledge Base User Experience Survey
On April 26-27, 2018, the Bergen Electronic Literature Research Group will be hosting a symposium focused on the ELMCIP Electronic Literature Knowledge Base http://elmcip.net/knowledgebase , which is now 8 years old and includes more than 12,000 records of works of electronic literature, critical writing about e-lit, authors, publishers, organizations, events, and databases and archives related to electronic literature. We are gathering feedback from authors and researchers who have used the KB. This information will be used in future development of KB and to provide institutional input in applications for continued support of the open access digital humanities research database. Responses will also be discussed during a Facebook Live session on April 27th from 4-5PM E.T. which will be announced on the KB and through our Facebook group. Please join and comment during the session if you can.
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