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The Quiet House will be released on March 26th, 2021 and we are celebrating with a RELEASE BLITZ, INSTAGRAM TOUR & BLOG TOUR with REVIEWS & EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITIES!

Title: The Quiet House
Authors: Lily Morton
Length: 78k
Series: A Black & Blue Novel, Book 2 (best read as a series, Book 1 available upon request)
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Fantasy
Tropes: Established couple, Haunted House
Content: Discussion of historical abuse but it's off-page
Heat: 4 out of 5
Format: Mobi only
Condition: final proof
Tour Type: Full Tour
Release date: March 26th
Review Deadline: May 15th
Levi Black has mostly recovered from the events of a year ago. The only lingering effects are that he’s much more well known in York than he’d like to be, and he’s a lot more cautious about walking around his house naked. However, those events brought him the capricious and fascinating Blue, so he’s not complaining. On the contrary, he’s happy, in love, and looking forward to Blue finally moving in with him. And if sometimes he wonders what Blue sees in a boring cartoonist, he keeps that to himself.

Blue Billings is finally ready to throw off the memories of his past and move in with the person who means the most in the world to him. His psychic abilities have grown in the last year to his mentor Tom's consternation, but Blue is determined to look on the bright side. He’s also focused on ignoring all the warning signs that he’s received lately.

However, even deeply buried secrets have a way of rising to the surface. And when a surprise from Blue’s past turns up and draws them away to a lonely house on the Yorkshire moors, Levi and Blue must fight for their survival once again.

From bestselling author, Lily Morton, comes the second book in the Black and Blue series. The books should be read in order.

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