FGLI and International Student Needs Amidst COVID-19

In the interim while we await administration to provide a more transparent and clear process for how students should respond to the recent changes made to the remainder of this semester, please consider filling out this form so we can get a more rich understanding of the needs of students to send it to administrators.

Also, please consider this message from Marc Lo, Executive Director of Penn First Plus:

In the interim, if students feel as though their welfare and/or access to technology necessary to participate in courses would be threatened by returning home (e.g. toxic family environment; lack of internet; food/housing insecurity within their family), they should email pennfirstplus@upenn.edu outlining their need to return to and/or remain on-campus. This is helpful in assessing how many students will need ongoing support and also identifying individual needs that we might remedy.

This form does not guarantee access to these resources, but is an effort to better document and understand the needs of students in a more organized manner. So please use this as a template to think through your needs and also reach out to Penn First Plus.

If you require financial assistance, please fill this out: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeIl2IcaMLrIqWTe9z2-NmEePNJZ4Z7y52UOFygkWrtRrsi8A/viewform

If you require housing assistance, please fill this out: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdwIvcE5_d5gOKHacUoWJot1_XZ5PnEaiFxgmTN4g39s21PyA/viewform
Phone Number
Are you Highly Aided?
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Are you an international student? (If yes, please specify your country of origin in the following question)
Country of Origin
How does Penn extending your Spring Break affect your needs during the break period?
Do you need assistance with food? Do you need assistance with transportation? Do you need assistance with access to medication or therapeutic services? Do you need access to housing?
What areas would you be affected in by having to return home for the remainder of the semester?
If you would like to elaborate on any of the points mentioned above, please do so here, in as much detail as possible:
What questions do you have amidst Penn's response to COVID-19?
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