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Select up to three genres that best describe your act. Please note: Porchfest is a family-friendly event, and your performance should be appropriate for festival-goers of all ages. Porchfest is all about live music, so while we love all our DJ friends, Binghamton Porchfest is not the right outlet for your talents. There are a few unique hurdles in scheduling hip-hop/metal/punk/worship music, and while we have always found accommodating hosts in the past, there is a small chance we will not be able to find an appropriate home for performers of those genres.
Is your act primarily... *
Acoustic sets are encouraged at Binghamton Porchfest: we do not provide any sound/backline at stages. We'll link up performers with their hosts and any other acts sharing a porch in early August, in hopes that you will coordinate to share sound/backlines/etc. Be respectful of neighbors and other performers, and keep amplified music at a low volume.
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750 character max. This is for the festival program: please, give us something better to work with than "I play an eclectic mix of covers and originals."
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If you have a porch to play on, where?
Please note: the porch host must also fill out a host signup form.
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Two hour sets are only guaranteed to bands invited by hosts to play on particular porches. If you're a band in need of a porch, we'll accommodate requests based on availability. We do our best to put some time in between acts requiring extended setup/teardown time, however this is not always possible, so your set may need to start a few minutes late or end a few minutes early for switchover. We'll link up performers with their hosts and any other acts sharing a porch in early August, in hopes that you will coordinate to share sound/backlines/etc.
Time slots that you ARE available *
Pick AT LEAST two options. Scheduling 150+ acts to perform over 7 hours is a monumental task. Our job is to accommodate, but we ask in return that you make the process as easy as possible by keeping your schedule as flexible as possible. Don't worry if you've got members in multiple bands, we're here to help sort all that out.
Ideal time slot
In a perfect world, what time would your set begin? The world is far from perfect, but we accommodate when we can!
Are any members of your band planning on performing with any other Binghamton Porchfest bands?
We need to know so we can avoid double bookings! List any performance conflicts here:
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I understand that Binghamton Porchfest is a family-friendly community event that flourishes only when embraced by the neighborhood. Binghamton Porchfest strives to be a low-volume event: excessive amplification is inconsiderate to other performers and non-participating neighbors, and it puts the community goodwill towards the festival -- and therefore the festival's future -- at risk. I agree to be respectful of the festival and keep volume at a minimum. I understand that in some cases, performers may be booked back to back on a porch, and therefore set times may start/end a few minutes off schedule. I understand that I am a guest of the porch host and will treat my hosts with respect. I understand that Binghamton Porchfest is a volunteer-driven event and I am donating my talents free of charge (tip jars are encouraged). I understand that I am under no circumstances to call festival organizers demanding 9 volt batteries.
Any other questions or things we should know?
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