We have revised the process by which a Nevada Thespian Troupe earns the title HONOR TROUPE. A change for this year will be the focus on "evidence" provided by the troupe when they present to the judges. Troupes earning 65-89 points will be given the rank of Bronze. Troupes earning 90-114 will be given Silver. Troupes earning 115-135 will get the ranking of Gold. Troupe will be responsible to demonstrate their work done, but final judgement of points will be done after a presentation given to a panel of judges. The presentation will serve as a way to validate points earned and to provide a forum for you to share what amazing things your troupe has done throughout the year.

Using guidelines from other states’ processes, we have established a point system to help troupes demonstrate a mean level of activity for their Troupe. When applying, you will be asked to provide information about your Troupe’s activities and projects in five areas: Theatre Production, Community Service, Participation (in Nevada Thespians), Outreach, and Special Activities. You as a troupe will be responsible for the first four areas, A panel of judges will score your presentation. You should include in your presentation evidence of proof of the points you have earned in each area. You should also include any special projects or events that show your troupe has gone above and beyond in one or more of the areas. The point system was developed to encourage a solid, balanced level of involvement and activity across those areas. For this year, we have set the mark at 65 points to establish a base level of involvement.

Once a troupe establishes this level, a troupe will have a scheduled presentation at the State Thespian Conference. Your presentation is an opportunity to provide evidence of your troupe’s activity. You will also be asked to focus on what your troupe has done to go above and beyond your normal activities to make a difference in your community or school. This presentation is worth 5 additional points. Your troupe will be scheduled a time slot to present during the state conference. The presentation should be given by students (no more than 3 presenters please). Adjudicators will evaluate the Troupe’s application (overall involvement) and adjudicate their presentation and those who satisfy the requirements will be named Honor Troupe in the various levels. All Honor Troupes will receive a plaque/trophy and be recognized at the conclusion of the State Conference.

Complete the application via GoogleForms online by FEBRUARY 12, 2020. If you have 65+ points you will sign up for a presentation time slot at the registration desk upon arrival at the conference.

Please contact Sharon Chadwick at nvthespians@gmail.com if you have any questions.
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