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-Site Rules-

1. Adhere to all USHPA, Coastal Condor, and State Park rules. See District Superintendent Order posted at Reservation Road launch and Lake Court launch. Or click the link on our website.
2. You must be a current USHPA member and have a rating of H3/P3 or above. All club & non-club members must show your USHPA card to any club member or park ranger that asks to see it.
3. Sign in at Reservation Road, even when flying from Lake Court dune, or sign in from the link on our website every day that you fly at Marina.
4. Hang Gliders use the provided tie downs even if setting up flat or cross wind. Never leave glider unattended
5. Launch from designated area only; Old Ramp Dune / Setup Area, North & South Dune, and Lake Court Dune.
6. Do not launch or land within 25’ of any person on the ground. Make sure launch zone is clear of all pedestrian traffic.
7. Fly with a long-handled hook knife
8. Wear a helmet
9. Ceiling at Marina is 2500’, above that is class “c” airspace. Do not violate.
10. If necessary to avoid hazards in main LZ's, land on the beach. Lake Court is the only designated top landing area. If you land on the beach you must walk to a designated relaunch zone. Do not kite or walk your glider up non approved dunes for relaunch.
11. Under no circumstances should a pilot land in the water. If you land close do not hesitate, pick up your glider and move away quickly.
12. Observe Western Snowy Plover nesting season and stay out of closed area at all cost. Watch out for Plover eggs even outside the fence.
13. Pilots are directed to call 911 and direct EMS to the Marina State Beach parking lot regardless of location of an incident. EMS will then be given the location of the injured pilot.
14. Speed-Wing or Mini-Wing flying is not allowed.
15. Tandem flying is only permitted with prior approval of the safety director. Pilot may not accept compensation for the flight. The pilot must have a current USHPA tandem instructor or tandem administrator endorsement.
16. No instruction of students that are not current USHPA members with a minimum rating of H3/P3. Instructor may not accept compensation for instruction of those qualified. Instructor must have a current USHPA instructor endorsement and be PASA certified for the site. Currently no instructors are certified at Marina.
17. No commercial business of any kind is allowed at Marina State Beach without a special permit from the CDPR. This includes photography, film, and other forms where the pilot is compensated for services.
18. Powered flight is not allowed.
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