Freelancer Questionnaire
Using a spreadsheet to record what days I work and how much money I'm owed wasn't working for me.

So, I've built a simple tool that helps me organise my work on a calendar and then it totals how much each project owes me each month.

I'm at the stage now where I need to know if anyone else would use this as well, so I was hoping you can spare a moment to answer 6 questions on this poll I made.

I'd love to get your feedback and thanks for the help!

Elliot (from or the Brighton Farm 🍻)

Email address *
How do you track your time? ⏰
How flexible are you on your booked work days? 🤞
What's the smallest amount of time you bill for? 🤑
Do you feel like you have good control over your time? 😬
Do you feel you're productive in your work time? 😎
Which accounting / invoicing tool do you use? 💰
Would you like me to drop you a line if/when I launch this magical new service for freelancers! 👍
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