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Looking to sign up for CoNDOR Season X? Head over to!

Hi Necrodancers! This signup form will be used for all upcoming CoNDOR tournaments, including CoNDUIT. All tournaments begin at 8pm Eastern if taking place on a Friday, or 2pm Eastern if taking place on a Saturday or Sunday, unless otherwise noted. Please read the form carefully, as some tournaments may require you to complete races before your signup will be officially entered, or may run for multiple days. Let us know if you have any questions!

Best ways to contact CoNDOR staff:
Necrodancer discord:

Practice racing on Necrobot:

Upcoming Tournaments:
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What tournament are you interested in racing in? *
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If you don't have a Discord account, please make one -- we require use of Discord for all tournaments.
Steam name (for ND events)/Nintendo Online name (for CoH events): *
We sometimes need to find people on the Steam leaderboards or Switch leaderboards for determining the field of a tournament. If you play on a different version, please list that there.
Time Zone:
If signing up for CoNDUIT 40, are you available the full week of May 25-29 and/or the playoffs on May 30?
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Anything else!
If you have anything else you'd like us to consider, please list that here. For example, any other time constraints -- like never being able to race past 10pm -- would be good to list here. If you haven't participated in CoNDOR before, links to Twitch or YouTube VODs or to your crypt.toofz leaderboard page are helpful. You're welcome to self-evaluate here as well. Anything you want, but nothing is required!
Thanks for signing up!
We'll contact you the week of the tournament if you are selected to race, or sooner if we have any other questions or concerns.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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