Farmer Marks PRE ORDER - Market Pickup This week ending Aug. 2nd 2020.
With recent rises in Corona all over our region, we really appreciate the effort by all of you to use this form, to make our transactions smooth and efficient- with minimal contact. Here at the farm, we are always telling each other, well, "at least we have great food" to get though this!

Summer Products Coming on Strong - Form updated today for the weekend harvest. Berries coming on strong, Mix sweet greens, and Cherries and Apricots from Smallwood Farms - Okanogan WA.

USE THIS SAME FOR FOR CURBSIDE FARM STORE PICKUP AS WELL. We can offer curbside any day but Monday.

New Locations for pickup.

Mercer Island - Park N Ride - Pickup time window is 3:30-4:30. $5 delivery charge

Wedgwood - Orders Due By Thursday 6pm.

We kindly ask for $20 minimum on pre orders so we can be efficient. There is a $4 handling/packaging charges for orders under $20. If you have any questions email or call us at the farm store, 360.435.9272

We are very busy farmers this time of year, I have set up the form to give you a reply confirmation if you submitted correctly. We have been responding only once when we request for payment between 6-9 on Saturday, so keep an eye out for a phone call or email requesting payment around those times.

Assume everything on this list is Grown by us in Arlington - using natural and sustainable growing practices, but I have noted a few popular products by asterisk where this isn't the case. Smallwood farms is growing the orchard fruit for us in Okanogan WA.

Lake Forest Park - Pickup Sundays 10-2, you can avoid our line and come in behind the booth for quick pickup.

Farm Store - We will call you when ready, or request day and time of pickup on form.

Grandpas House - Arlington - 172nd POP up - Thursday, Friday, Or Saturday 11-4

Mercer Island - Park N Ride - 3:30-4:30 Sunday.
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Berries - All kinds to choose from!
Check boxes of berries you want to buy, These are all from our farm!
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Produce Item List
Please check items you want to buy, at the end of this section there is a box for notes about quantities if you want more than 1 unit of anything let us know there in that section. *indicates not grown by us - certified organic
Special Order Quantity
If you desire more than one quantity of any item listed above, please note item and quantity here so we can get it added to your order.
Herbs - $2.50 - $3
How many bunches of herbs do you want - check boxes of your order?
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Dry Beans 8 or 12 oz. $8 or 3 for $20
How many bunches of herbs do you want - check boxes of your order?
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Eggs - Quality Pasture Raised - $8-$10
How Many Dozen eggs do you want? Out of State Suppliers $8, Local Suppliers $10 we ship local first if available.
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Any other special requests?
Let us know here about any special requests or anything else you need from our farm store?
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