Skráning á viðburð 29. september/Event Registration: 29th September
The meeting will be conducted in English. There will be limited seats available so we can not promise that your registration will lead to you getting to be at the meeting as we are aiming for a mixed group of participants including: public, experts, politicians, artists and activists. Therefore it is highly important that those who register come to the meeting.

At the meeting there is live music, comedy and performance art. As the meeting is constructed in an unconventional way it is important to be at Nauthóll a little before 13:00 to participate in the opening ceremony of the meeting.
The location is accessible to all. We advice guests to were comfortable clothing which will be sufficient for a short walk in the nearby area.

Reykjavik municipality has kindly opened the hot tubs at Ylströndin beach (Costa Del Reykjavik) for the guests of the meeting to continue there talks after the meeting in the beautiful surroundings of the area so please bring swim suits if you care to join that session.
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