Body Armor Grant Application
Agencies wishing to apply for a Body Armor Grant must complete this online application. Please answer all applicable questions so that we can make an informed decision when we award grants.

NOTE: Our focus at this time is on law enforcement agencies located within the United States that employ 10 or fewer full time officers/deputies. Grants will only be awarded to purchase body armor for FULL TIME officers.
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Please enter the total number of full time sworn officers employed by your agency. Please note that our primary focus is on agencies employing 10 or fewer officers.
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(Please use Please note that our primary focus is on agencies serving populations of 10,000 or less.
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Please provide your agency's TOTAL OPERATING BUDGET.
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How many of your FULL TIME officers are working without body armor? *
How many of your FULL TIME officers are wearing expired body armor? *
If you have FULL TIME officers wearing expired body armor, what is the oldest vest you have (in years)?
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Please provide any additional information that may help us in our decision making process.
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If you answered "Yes" above, please provide the Agency Name(s), Contact Name(s), Phone Number(s), and Email Address(es) so that we can reach out to them.
If you would rather not provide this information to us, PLEASE tell them about us and invite them to apply for funding at
Do you give the American Armor Foundation, if awarded a body armor grant, the permission to use your agency's name in a press release or blog post that promotes the Foundation's activities? *
Success stories help us show our donors that we are doing what we say we will do with their funds. This is very important for future fundraising and allows us to help more agencies.
I understand that The American Armor Foundation will not issue funding directly to my agency and that our body armor, if awarded, will be supplied by the Foundation's sole distributor. *
We have entered into an agreement with a reputable law enforcement equipment dealer to ensure that we get the best price on each vest we supply. Consequently, we will order vests on the grantee's behalf and the distributor will invoice the Foundation after shipping the vest(s) to the grantee agency. The body armor that we provide is NIJ compliant and from a nationally known and reputable manufacturer.
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