Learner Development SIG Forum for JALT CALL 2017
The Learner Development SIG programs team is excited to invite you to submit proposals for the LD SIG forum at the JALT CALL Conference taking place at Matsuyama University in Matsuyama in Shikoku from June 16 to 18.

This Learner Development SIG Forum at JALT CALL 2017 will feature ideas for interactive learning with the focus on the learners. In the computer- and mobile-assisted learning classroom, it is easy to focus on applications as tools for teaching large groups of students. However, with this focus, teachers can easily lose sight of the learners’ adoptions of these tools as autonomous learners and individuals. The aim of this forum is to view the technology from the perspective of the learners. For this forum, the Learner Development programs team is seeking presenters with poster or digital displays that highlight learners using CALL. This could include narratives, surveys, or overviews of learners using CALL tools in classrooms, self-access centers, for homework, or outside the schools as autonomous learners.

The Learner Development SIG offers a variety of grants for members, including grants to support attendance at the JALT CALL Conference. See the grants homepage for further details: http://ld-sig.org/grants/

Applicants are asked to carefully consider their topics as they relate the theme of Learners in the Digital Age. Applicants who best reflect this theme will be given priority. In some situations, applicants might be asked to re-submit their abstracts to better reflect the theme.

Please complete the application, including a title and an abstract, by the deadline of WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 15th (MORNING). Note that due to the relatively short notice, we have some flexibility to complete abstracts after the deadline; however, we would need to submit a tentative list of presenters by February 15th. If you are planning to present, and you need more time to complete your abstract, please complete this form and write "abstract in development" under the appropriate heading.

English and Japanese submissions are welcome.

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