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Want to promote Earth Pak products and receive discounts as well as exclusive access to new products before they're released? Sign up to be an Earth Pak Ambassador below! We'll let you know on the status of your application within 7 business days.

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→ Coupon code will strictly be used to share with Family & Friends to get unlimited discounts. You will not receive a percentage of sales at this time (maybe in the future)!
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→ Brand Ambassadors will be asked to always tag @theearthpak in posts where our products are visibly being used and/or mentioned.
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→ We're looking for Ambassadors for not just Instagram, but also our Amazon community!
Content Creators
This section is for all the awesome Photographers, Content Creators, and Videographers that follow us. If you're not one of the above, don't worry! You don't need to fill out this section.
Are you interested in creating content high-quality content for Earth Pak (videos, hi-res photos, etc.) in exchange for gear and/or commissioned opportunities?
→ If you are a Content Creator, we'd love to work with you! Let us know if you're interested in product for photos and/or would prefer commissioned opportunities.
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