2021 TheatreFest Entry Form
PURPOSE OF TheatreFest
TheatreFests are devoted to the improvement of theatre standards by:
Providing each participating group an assessment of its work in respect of creativity and technique
Offering constructive feedback
Helping the audience to a fuller understanding of the presentation
Encouraging friendship, learning, sharing and communicating
To learn through performance and education
The opportunities to observe one’s peers
To gain enrichment by meeting other participants and groups
There is no restriction on the nature of the presentation.
There must be at least two performers.
Presentations must be under 50 minutes in length.
Scene changing during a presentation and opening and closing music, if used, must be included in this time limit.
The timing of a presentation will be from when house lights go down at the beginning of the presentation to when the house lights come up at the end.
A maximum of 10 minutes is permitted for setting and a maximum of five minutes for striking. Groups will not be held responsible for technical delays caused by factors beyond their control.
Presentations will be allocated up to 60 minutes for a technical rehearsal at Local, Regional and National TheatreFest’s.
Please check on the link below for venues and dates of a local TheatreFest nearest to your theatre group/school

Name of Group
Name of Contact person
Email address of contact person
Mobile phone number of contact person
Title of Presentation
Name of playwright/creator
Name of Director
Type of Presentation - ( ie drama, comedy/drama, musical)
Brief Synopsis
Running time in minutes
Number of performers on stage
Number of crew assisting (including director)
Will lighting / sound technicians be provided
Clear selection
If yes please provide names
Is the Director a New Director (A New Director is someone who has never directed a presentation previously that has been seen publicly before. A New Director is selected from Regional TheatreFests).
Clear selection
Is this a New Zealand presentation? ( written by a New Zealander regardless of setting or content).
Clear selection
Is this a NEW New Zealand presentation?- has never been performed before this 2021 TheatreFest
Clear selection
Is the script of this presentation being entered in the Olga E Harding New NZ Playwriting competition? (see details on website)
Clear selection
Is this a Maori/ Pasifika presentation?
Clear selection
Is this a Youth Presentation? (The maximum age for an actor in a youth presentation is 20 years at the time of the Local TheatreFest. The ages of the director and crew are irrelevant.)
Clear selection
The Performance Rights and Music License (where applicable) for this presentation must be obtained in order to perform and proof of this provided to the National TheatreFest Administrator by separate email. This also applies to new and locally written presentations as permission is still required to perform from the playwright/creator. Where composite, cut or adapted versions of plays are presented, written permission is also required from the Playwright's Agent or Playwright/Creator. For presentations obtained via the internet, copies of the web page authorising performances and/or cuts and adaptations must be shown. *
Please provide the name of the agent issuing the licence to perform. Alternatively, provide the name of the playwright who has given permission for this presentation.
Please advise the amount of Royalty payment per performance paid, or any other payment paid to perform.
Is recorded music part of the presentation?
Clear selection
If Yes to above, has an application been made to APRA for the use of this music
Clear selection
If Yes to above please supply details, ie APRA Licence no, amount paid etc
The TheatreFest entry fee is $80 per presentation. Please make payment by Direct Credit to Theatre NZ Bank Account - Westpac Bank, Christchurch. Account # 03 0802 0134721 00. Please ensure you reference your transaction clearly with the name of your Theatre Group/School. Please advise date entry fee payment made below.
If this presentation is to be entered competitively (to be considered for selection to Regional and National Finals) then the Theatre Group/School must be a member of Theatre NZ. Group Membership costs $100 per group. Please advise if the group/ school is either already a member of TNZ or a non-member and wishes to join TNZ
Please advise if for accounting purposes it is preferred that Theatre NZ Invoice your Theatre Group/School for the Entry Fee
Clear selection
After completing this entry form the following are to be emailed to - theatrefest.nz@gmail.com
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