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My name is Dr. Erinn Finke. I am a researcher at the University of Tennessee. I am interested in understanding and improving the social relationships of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. My team and I are currently recruiting participants for four different ongoing studies, and we have opportunities for both individuals with and without ASD between the ages 8 to 30. One study, however, is specific to girls with ASD. Several studies involve a telephone interview, while others involve a trip to campus for data collection in our lab. Any form participation you can give would be very appreciated!

Here is the link to our lab website, where you can learn more about our research:

Participating in a Video Game study involves 1 hour of video game play at our lab. Participating in the Autism and Romantic Relationships or Girls Friendship projects involves an interview with one person from our research team. This interview can take place face-to-face or telephone, depending on your preference.

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