2020 NABJ-NAHJ Virtual Convention & Career Fair Media Credentials Application
Applications are approved at the discretion of the Director of Communications and National Office Press Team. Approval is on a first-come, first-served basis. Approval is not guaranteed. Varying factors may limit the number of media credentials approved per each event or overall.

Because this is a virtual event, approval will be first granted to media with national and regional reach/exposure, since there will generally be no local coverage.

Media representatives will be asked to submit documentation from their supervisor of approval/assignment to cover the convention. If your activities are a disruption to events or sessions you will be asked to exit convention events. Some events may be invitation, pre-approval only and may not allow for media access.

Please email a copy of a letter from your supervisor noting your assignment/approval to cover this convention, as well as a copy of your press badge/photo ID to press@nabj.org. If you have been previously verified at last year's convention, indicate below (documentation may still be required).

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Would you like to be considered for one-on-one or group media opportunities with special guests/VIPS at this year's convention? *
May we share your contact info with partners or session organizers who would like to directly pitch to you or be aware of who is covering the convention? *
If you are a paid convention attendee but simply want access for any special press opportunities and access click yes below. *
By checking the box below, you agree to abide by all convention policies. You agree that credential approval does not constitute FULL convention registration and that access to events/sessions/activities may be limited based on coverage requests. You agree to email documentation of your supervisor's approval/assignment to cover the convention along with a copy of your press ID to press@nabj.org. *
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