BMC-Upper Spring 2019 New Student Application
BMC-Upper is scheduled:
WEDNESDAY evenings - exact times are listed in the application
Jan 23 - May 8

This form is ONLY for New Students (who are NOT enrolled in BMC Upper Fall 2018). If you are currently enrolled in BMC-Upper Fall 2018, this form is NOT for you and you should have received instructions on how to continue in the BMC for Spring 2019. Use the form below ONLY if you are NOT currently enrolled in BMC-Upper Fall 2018.
If you are enrolled in BMC-Elementary Fall 2018, you are a NEW student for BMC-Upper and you need to fill in this form.
If you were enrolled in BMC-Upper in the past, but not for the entirety of Fall 2018, you need to fill in this form.

Fees of $186 for the Berkeley Math Circle Upper Spring 2019: Deadline is December 5, 2018.

The fee of $186 is payable ONLY by check written to United Math Circles Foundation and mailed to Berkeley Math Circle - Upper, c/o Prof. Stankova, Evans Hall 970, Department of Mathematics, University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 94720-3840. Alternatively, we prefer if you bring the check in person and slide it in a sealed and addressed envelope under the door to Evans 714. On the note line of the check write the name of the student and the BMC group you are applying for. The BMC and the Monday MTRW program are independent programs. Students cannot be switched from one program to the other. No fees can be refunded, applied from one program to the other, rolled over to future programs, or used in any other way.

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Write down the exact check number for the fee of $186 for the Berkeley Math Circle for Spring 2019. Include only 1 (one) student per check. No siblings on the same check allowed. Write the name of a student on the note line of the check.
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