Fantasm Cosplay Photo Marathon Registration

ORGANIZER:Naruto Cosplayers PH, Starmall Alabang in cooperation with Red Cloud Events andProductions.

EVENT DATE: May 24, 2014 (Friday)

VENUE: Starland Themepark, Starmall Alabang (formerly Metropolis)
ENTRANCE REQUIREMENT: You needto DONATE 1 Notebook plus any additional school supplies. This is for the BalikEskwela Project of Naruto Cosplayers PH.
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The Fantasm Cosplay Photo Marathon is a one of a kind on-the-spot Photo contest that challenges the skills and creativity of different photographers in creating themed inspired photographic images under time pressure. Participants get to compete with other amateur photographers, hobbyist, enthusiasts, and professional photographers under strict contest rules and deadlines.

The images captured are subject to a panel of judges’ evaluation. The thematic creative instincts and the ability to work under tight timeline pressures will be thoroughly tested in this exciting and unique competition.