Broadband Planning Survey
The Sebago Broadband Advisory Committee (SBAC) was created to assess the overall status of high-speed internet service (known as broadband) in Sebago. Please respond to this survey to aid the Committee in identifying which areas of town do not have access to high speed internet. The survey will also help us apply for state and federal broadband grants. Thank you for helping bring reliable, high-speed internet to Sebago!

The survey should take about 5-10 minutes to complete.

Please, only fill out 1 survey per household, whether online, per the town website, or paper copy. Responses will be confidential.

In addition to the survey, please take a speed test to determine your internet speed.

The Maine Broadband Coalition is currently mapping internet speeds across the state to help bring high-speed internet access to more Mainers. Taking a speed test will help both the Sebago broadband committee and the state to access grant funding.

Speed Test Directions: Please go to,  click “Run Speed Test” and follow the directions.

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What is your house number in Sebago? (example: 123 for the address 123 Main Street) *
What street do you live on in Sebago? (example: Main for the address 123 Main Street) *
What is your name?
What is your email address?
Who is your internet service provider?
What type of service do you have at this location?
Based on your speed test, please provide us with your download speed.
Based on your speed test, please provide us with your upload speed.
What download speed are you paying for?
What upload speed are you paying for?
How would you rate your internet service and service provider in meeting your needs?
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If the service is good or very good, you can skip this question and proceed to the next one.  If it does not meet your needs, why not?
What functions do you normally perform over the internet at this location? (Please prioritize your use, multiple items are allowed the same level of priority) *
Work from home
Education/remote learning
Medical or health-related video sessions
Entertainment (Netflix, Spotify)
Social networking (photos, Facebook, family)
Online banking/financial services
Job searching/social services
General information/communication (news, email)
Would you be interested in joining the Sebago Broadband Advisory Committee? (If yes, please make sure that you entered your email)
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